Cooper Dental Welcomes You

Cooper Dental office building

What to look for in your dental office

  • Good clean technique
    • Clean office and grounds
    • Staff properly dressed for health care delivery
    • Proper sterilization that includes packaging and sterilization of instruments, barriers on surfaces that can’t be sterilized, and proper monitoring of heat sterilizers
  • Proper disposal of amalgam (mercury)
  • Complete exams that include
    • Cancer screening
    • Screening for decay
    • Complete review of health history and how it relates to your dental treatment
    • Standard of care practice for proper x-ray and exam intervals
    • Comprehensive approach to your dental care with an emphasis on prevention


  • Courteous, caring staff that behaves professionally
  • Appointments that are on schedule unless circumstances beyond your dental teams control arise.
  • Complete understanding of your dental treatment clinically and financially
  • The kind of service and office you would refer to others

PLEASE let us know when we don’t meet these standards. It will help us do a better job for you.